Solo Show / by Lonny Meyer

First ever solo show! Can't thank my friend Eva enough for setting this all up. It was down in Menlo Park at Click Diagnostics where they hold a show once every few months in their office. Gotta love the alternative space. It was great talking and meeting a bunch of new people and speaking about something I put so much work into. The mix of photos was a little repeat of the past and a mix of the recent. It was only 4 photos that were all from South America. 

The thing I strive for most is the personal connection that I have with the subject. This is an integral part in my process when shooting anything. Whether it be someone cooking and I get to sample what they have made, someone working and I get to see how they get through their day, or a form that somehow blends into my own life in a more abstract sense, the connection is what I am always looking for.

With this I hope for people to be able to relate emotionally to my work and to be able to be sympathetic to the imagery they are viewing, therefore connecting unknown subjects and objects with themselves and connecting people to themselves throughout this world. By accomplishing this I hope people will become more empathetic on a daily basis as they walk around earth. Taking that extra few minutes to talk to someone you don’t know or going out and learning something new.